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The way we tackle the challenges in our community depend upon practical and sound leadership in Springfield. The Rockford area, like many communities in Illinois, depend upon state funding to ensure the existence of programs and services to our needy and venerable populations. These programs help promote and maintain a healthy and vibrant community and are safety nets to those in need.

It would be irresponsible for us to ignore the challenges that our state faces and the impact of our fiscal crisis. The crisis puts a strain on our vital and much needed programs, whether it be funding for our seniors and disabled or our young children in our schools. The budget crisis also has an impact on our public safety programs which deter crime in our communities.

We need leaders in Springfield who can think outside the box and bring creative solutions that will benefit all of our communities.

The frustration in Springfield no doubt brings anxiety to many needing these services. Our business community need practical representation to ensure their voices are heard. We must ensure our businesses are not too overtaxed and regulations are not too overburdened by policies that deter growth and economic development in our business communities.

This election will be an important one to determine if we will elect leaders who have the hindsight and common sense approach to work together to solve our challenges. We need leaders who will work to put the interest of the people first rather than the interest of self and special interest.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote. Let's make a difference in Illinois! The first step is with you. Elect me as your next State Representative of the 67th District.


Gerald O. Albert

Candidate for State Representative District 67



Crime in the Rockford area is too high. As state rep, I would seek innovative programs to target the youthful offenders who are known to be the perpetrators of the majority of offenses occurring in the community.

State Funding:

While Illinois budget has been in crisis. We didn't get here overnight. I would emphasis that we need to generate more revenues without seeking higher tax rates. We need to be as efficient as possible in delivering state services but not cutting state personnel. I support expansion of economic development initiatives to encourage businesses to locate in Illinois. Simply put: More businesses, more tax income, more people employed, more people paying taxes. More revenues.

School Funding

While the State of Illinois comes up short in funding our schools and unfunded mandates, I would continue to seek a fairer funding formula. Rockford does receive more since we are the 2nd largest district outside of Chicago. We also have one of the highest student populations identified as living in poverty. I will continue to push for more funding to ensure our schools are adequately funded.

Public Transportation

An adequate public transit system is vital to any community. I will ensure that Rockford continues to receive its fair share from the state. I will bring back to the table the need to bring a commuter train to Rockford. Commuter rail is vital and long overdue. It's a key to economic development and ensuring that our communities are vibrant. This, I believe, will enhance quality of life.

Economic Development:

While in recent years we continue to see businesses leave our state thus impacting unemployment rates in our communities. As your state rep, I will seek to encourage businesses to locate to Illinois and ensure we have effective programs which support and encourage our businesses to stay in Illinois. I will promote policies to support legislation which will effectively promote economic growth and development in our communities.

Constituent Service:

I will bring back the days of "open door" to your state representative office. I promise to serve and have excellence in serving the people of Rockford and Illinois.


To Inspire, To Serve, To Lead.


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